SNICSSource of Negative Ions by Cesium Sputtering (ion beam source, accelerator technology)
SNICSSyndicat National des Infirmières Conseillères de Santé
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NADRA spokesperson added that SNIC has allowed the government to reach out to the citizens of Pakistan with this state of the art technology and modern bio-metric facilities which was previously not possible.
Apart from providing various benefits to the card holder, SNIC also allows transparency of different functions by the government ensuring strict security and preventing frauds related to identity thefts, which makes it an ideal tool for good governance.
"We are excited about adding SNic's advanced planning and scheduling experience to the Toward Zero team," said Aaron Muhl, Founder and President of Toward Zero.
"SNic's clients are asking for manufacturing technology solutions that Toward Zero has years of experience delivering," said Nikhil Joshi, Founder and CEO of SNic.
SNic Solutions is a consulting firm passionate about combining technology with the science of industrial engineering & management.
"I must appreciate NADRA for SNIC introduction which apart from providing various benefits also allows transparency of different functions by the government and ensure strict security and prevent frauds related to identity thefts," said Rehman Malik.
He said the benefits of SNIC are: ability to roll out services, pension disbursement programme, ability to store secure digital licenses (for various professions), biometric teacher attendance programme and accidental life insurance.
The Authority claimed to have received a tremendous response of citizens as more than 0.2 million SNIC were issued in only one month to citizens.