SNIDSocial Networks Influence Design (Master's degree; Polytechnic University of Milano; Milano, Italy)
SNIDSerial Number Identification (product code)
SNIDStudies in National and International Development (Queen's University; Canada)
SNIDSud Nivernais Imphy Decize (French soccer club)
SNIDSub-National Immunisation Days
SNIDSubscriber Network Interface Device (General Instruments)
SNIDSystème National d'Information et de Documentation (French: National Information and Documentation System; Morocco)
SNIDSavoie Net Industrie et Divers (French cleaning company)
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A total of 1,997 children were investigated (431 in SNIDs 1, 639 in SNIDs 2, and 927 in NIDs 1).
Following identification of the outbreak, Syria conducted two rounds of national immunization days (NIDs) in November and December 2013, eight NIDs and one round of subnational immunization days (SNIDs) in 2014, and four NIDs and two SNIDs in 2015 (Table).
He said that for this SNID, the Directorate of Health Services has divided Islamabad into 15 Zones and constituted 563 teams to vaccinate the children.
Director Health appraised that for the forthcoming SNID polio campaign, 9 high risk zones will be covered focusing on katchi abadis, slums, complete rural belt and its adjacent areas.
It has also been decided in the meeting that SNID would be prepared from June 4 to June 6, 2012.
Talking to Media, Deputy Director Expended Programme on Immunization, Dr Jan Baz Afridi said that the basic objective of the SNID is to conduct high quality vaccination in the high risk areas of the country and the high risk populations are to be given special focus during the next round to ensure highest vaccination rates.
One SNID round in 2006 (December) and two SNID rounds in 2007 (March and July) with mOPV3 were conducted in selected districts of western Uttar Pradesh and neighboring states with WPV3 circulation.
In 2006, both countries conducted an SIA in January (NID in Pakistan and SNID in Afghanistan), March (NID in each country), and April (NID in each country), followed in early May by the first of two mop-up SIAs targeting the region stretching from central Pakistan into southern Afghanistan (Figure).
Of the 234 SIAs, 59 were conducted in the six countries where polio was endemic during 2005:17 SIAs in India (two NIDs and 15 SNIDs), 11 in Pakistan (eight NIDs and three SNIDs), 12 in Afghanistan (four NIDs, six SNIDs, and two mop-ups), seven in Egypt (six NIDs and one SNID), five NIDs in Niger, and seven in Nigeria (four NIDs and three SNIDs).
The most recent example is that of December SNIDs overlapping with the local government by-elections,' it added.
MOPV1/MOPV3 where SNIDs were conducted to ensure the effectiveness of vaccine against the specific strains.