SNIFStorage Network Industry Forum
SNIFSocial Networking in Fur (digital dog collar)
SNIFSite-specific Natural Isotope Fractionation
SNIFSkilled Nursing Facility
SNIFSpinning Nozzle Inert Flotation (aluminum refining system; Pyrotek Inc.)
SNIFSASS Near-Field Interaction Flights
SNIFSkilled Nursing Inpatient Facility (Unit)
SNIFSlow Non-Isothermal Flows
SNIFService National d'Information Fonctionnelle (ficitional organization)
SNIFSymphion Network Instrumentation Framework (Symphion, Inc.)
SNIFSouthern Nevada Industrial Foundation
SNIFStroke & Neurointervention Foundation (India)
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Vitaletti, "SNIF: Sensor Network Inspection Framework," Technical Report 535, 2011.
The SNePS acting subsystem is integrated with the SNePS reasoning subsystem in such a way that there are acts (believe and disbelieve) that affect what an agent believes, there are acts (snif, sniterate, withall, withsome) that specify both knowledge-contingent acts and lack-of-knowledge default acts, and there are policies (ifdo, whendo, wheneverdo) that serve as "daemons," triggering acts when certain propositions are believed or wondered about.
Also covered are new developments in time-of-flight mass spectrometers and electronic-nose instrumentation, the relationship between chemical structure and fragrance/flavour, how to identify chemicals responsible for flower scents, and modern olfactometric approaches, including the GN-"SNIF" technique.
The laboratory is also examining an application to railways.Other high points over 2000 include:- the development of SNIF software (notification system for genetically-modified organisms - GMOs) as an electronic warning system to assist the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment in implementing Directives on the use of genetically modified micro-organisms and the deliberate release of GMOs into the environment;- the development by the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements of an analysis technique for identifying the abusive use of several important classes of antibiotics in animal-based foodstuffs.
The proposal offered the Storage Networking Industry Association as an operating umbrella under their SNIF program.
The word "Snoezelen" is a blending of two Dutch words meaning to "snif" and to "doze." Jan Julsegge and Ad Verheul from the Netherlands created the first Snoezelen in 1975.
"Out here, though, if you give the West Indies a snif they can suddenly come back at you.
O-words not containing stops and referring to prolonged sounds ah ahan aie chnouff choo choo eh ha ha he he hein heu hi han hi hi ho ho hou hou hou hon ihihih meuh miam miam miaou mmmmmm oh ohe ouaf ouah ouf ouille ouin ouin ron ron rron rrou rrr snif snif sssss vlouf vraoum vroum woo woo zoum zzzz 1.4.
But the Site-specific Natural Isotope Fractionation (SNIF) NMR technique improves analytical precision to distinguish natural and synthetic origins with great specificity.
La majeure partie des traitements appliques au metal en fusion vise a controler un des ces parametres: ainsi, le TAC (Traitement de l'aluminium en creuset) permet d'eliminer les elements alcalins, les filtres ABF (`Alcan Bed Filter') enlevent efficacement les inclusions non-metalliques et les unites de degazage SNIF <1> (marque de commerce de Union Carbide (USA)) ou ALPUR <2> (marque de commerce de Aluminium Pechiney (France)) reduisent les niveaux d'hydrogene.
snif b Algeria are no great shakes but have proved in previous World Cups that they are capable of humbling big sides.