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SNIFFSocial Network Integrated Friend Finder (mobile messaging)
SNIFFSafe Notification and Information for Fragrances Act
SNIFFStudy of Nasal Insulin to Fight Forgetfulness (clinical trial)
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and who, when taken close to the cheeses and told to sniff hard, said she could detect a faint odour of melons.
When prompted, viewers are invited to scratch and sniff the gel odour.
These two facts provide convenience for attackers to sniff network communication.
Go in at an angle and push back and down to get the strongest sniff," Martin advised.
The passing crowds can't help but turn their heads when passing Sniff, who is projected onto the window of what will soon become the cinema's new cafe bar.
All aspects of running the business are included in the Sniff K9s training, and the franchise also includes ongoing support, customer relationship management and website, full service online reputation and marketing services, full service virtual office and much more.
Current studies on how dogs can sniff out cancer suggest that a dog's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times better than ours
A smaller team are trained to sniff out explosives and others will be trained to sniff out people carrying explosives.
Then he had female volunteers sniff the sweaty secretions without telling them what they were.
The dog sniff that caught Caballes is just one crude, old-fashioned example of the search technologies available to law enforcement.
Very few teenagers who walk about at night engage in petrol sniffing or spend time with petrol sniffers, but there is a defined subset of the "walkin' about" teenagers who sniff petrol.
But dog trainers in the private sector say that using dogs to sniff out suicide bombers is feasible.