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The officials have been hired through the Punjab Public Service Commission and there are more than 100 trained sniffer dogs at the Special Branch Canine Centre.
The courtroom then erupted in laughter when a defence lawyer asked if the sniffer dog was on duty at the time of the search.
Extra searches were then made of every passenger with the sniffer dogs searching each passenger before they could board, and then extra document checks made again.
The sniffer dogs demonstrated their peculiar skill beyond attached expectation in
In 2013, the police acquired 17 more sniffer dogs and appointed four more handlers.
"The sniffer dogs can then cover a lot of ground, working out which of these spots could be leaks and helping to pinpoint the exact place to start digging.
It is not generally realised that each sniffer dog specialises in searching for a particular substance or weapon.
"We usually use sniffer dogs to recover missing persons and find victims of disasters, when it's difficult for the search team to locate them.
Last year it emerged 550 sniffer dogs are being used across UK prisons to target a growing drugs problem.
Political administration and Khasadar Force with help of sniffer dogs traced two accused and arrested them accordingly and started investigation.
Bottom Sniffer is a nonalcoholic, non-carbonated canine-friendly beer.