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SNIFFERScotland & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research
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Shekhar Kumar Niraj,head of TRAFFIC,the wildlife trade monitoring network,which had trained the dogs' fleet,said," India has a huge area and with only 27 trained sniffer dogs,pressure for protecting India's wildlife is immense on these four-legged creatures.
Sniffer dogs have had to pass constitutional muster in other jurisdictions as well.
Identa said that its Sniffer is very easy to use, with very high reliability and immediate on-the-spot results.
The government should ban the use of sniffer dogs to solve such cases as animals commit more mistakes compared to human beings," The News quoted Shah, as saying.
Hardy' the Border Agency sniffer dog checks luggage at Birmingham International airport
Sniffer Global is a complement to the NetScout nGenius Performance Solution, providing a solution for use in network and application development and deployment, besides being optimised for use by field service and support teams, at branch offices and remote or temporary locations.
With an easy-to-use, rugged and durable design, the Micro CG-100 gas sniffer carries an extra-long battery life, providing more than 20 hours of use, ensuring maximum up time.
According to the company, the Sniffer InfiniStream product enables network personnel to perform retrospective analysis to examine network performance, observe traffic trends, isolate anomalies, perform deep packet analysis, and generate summary reports.
The first version of the people sniffer was a configuration called the XM2 personnel detector manpack--a backpack sensor with an air intake tube mounted on the end of a rifle.
A typical IT department cannot always justify this cost, especially when a sniffer might be required for only a short period of time on a day-to-day basis.
SNIFFER dogs could be used in Wirral's schools to seek out pupils using drugs.
Frost & Sullivan has issued a new report naming Network Associates Sniffer Technologies as the market leader in the LAN/WAN test equipment market.