SNIMSistema Nacional de Informacion e Integracion de Mercados (Galician: National Information System and Market Integration; Mexico)
SNIMSistema Nacional de Información Municipal (Spanish: National System of Municipal Information; Mexico)
SNIMSociété Nationale Industrielle et Minière (French; Mauritania)
SNIMScanning Near-Field Infrared Microscope (imaging)
SNIMSaheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya (Indian educational organization)
SNIMScottish News in Minnesota (newsletter)
SNIMStabilized Non-Immunogenic Messenger (RNA)
SNIMSimultaneous Noise and Impedance Matching (amplifiers)
SNIMSoftware, Networks, Information and Modeling and Simulation
SNIMSimultaneous Noise and Input Matching
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As such, we offer our commitment of supplying the highest quality products and services and to assisting SNIM in achieving its goals of increased production and lower operating costs.
According to the company, SNIM serves as an efficient contracting vehicle to rapidly provide information assurance, software data and analysis, modeling and simulation, knowledge management and information sharing services to DOD components, other US government agencies, industry and academia.
The Guelb II project will enable SNIM to consolidate its position for the expected medium-term recovery.
Sphere told the Dubai International Financial Exchange, where its shares are traded, that Qatar Steel is unable to formalise the agreements "on terms and conditions acceptable to Sphere and SNIM.
Metso is pleased to continue its long relationship with SNIM, having supplied the first railcar dumper to SNIM as long ago as 1963.
Another Australian firm, Sphere Investments, and SNIM are seeking a third partner to develop the Guelb al Aouj iron ore project, which is expected to require total investment of $2.
SNIM exports up to 12 Mt/y of direct shipping ore and concentrates, mainly to Europe, the U.
With the addition of DS TATs to the HD TATs and SNIM contracts, we are able to fully support the DoD IACs across the critical areas of defense systems, homeland defense and cyber.
SNIM has initiated a scoping study of the project, which has the potential to be the largest mining complex in the company's history.
Treasury with respect to General Motors; continuing to advise the government of Greece on general financial matters, and on its contemplated exchange and debt buyback plan; advising OPAP in its license deal with the Hellenic Republic for lotteries, sports betting games and gaming machines in Greece; advising the Gabonese Republic and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania on various strategic sovereign financial issues, the Republic of Cyte d'Ivoire on the resolution of external debt arrears, SNIM on its mining joint ventures, and the PNG State Holding Company on financing and potential strategic partnerships.