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SNIPERSearchable Networked Intellectual Property Electronic Resource
SNIPERStandard NITFS Imagery Product Evaluation Resource
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None of the troops had - including the sniper - been issued with infra-red night vision goggles, which would have helped them identify L/Cpl Pritchard as a British soldier in the dark.
For Wentworth, for all the fear a sniper inspires, his very precision means the damage is limited.
For those hunters wanting infrared and video, the SNIPER IR Digital Video Scouting Recorder fills that need.
4 ounce sensor has proven its worth in quickly detecting the location of snipers.
Footage aired by an Arab satellite television station showed American soldiers being shot by Iraqi snipers, whose commander said they trained using techniques from a book written by a retired US Army expert.
color) Sheriff's Detective Mark Machanic, left, and Deputy Erich Doeking keep watch for a sniper who fired a shot at deputies after they served a search warrant Thursday at an apartment on Fifth Street East and Avenue Q-3 in Palmdale.
The AN/PVS-10(V)1 is used only on the M24 sniper rifle.
Another drawing of Malvo and sniper partner John Muhammad says, "We will kill them all.
Davis's standard M-24 sniper rifle, painted sand color to blend in with the desert, is simple in design.
Yet, an objective analysis of the sniper threat might show that children were more likely to die in a home fire or vehicle accident or suffer some form of violence in their neighborhood, when compared to the very low individual risk of being the sniper's target.
The US Air Force (USAF) may view the Sniper XR as its targeting pod of the future, but it has purchased more Litening IIs to quickly improve the targeting ability of existing fighter aircraft.
The charities which will benefit from the ethics rule that bars police commanders from taking even small speaking fees about the sniper shootings are: Saint Luke's House, a community-based psychiatric rehabilitation programme in Montgomery County; the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; and a fund established for the families of sniper victims.