SNIRSignal to Noise Plus Interference Ratio (signal processing)
SNIRSystème National Inter-Régime (French: National Inter-System Plan)
SNIRStatistique Nationale Inter Régime
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About the potential for Iranian strikes, Snir noted, "These facilities are constantly upgraded and reinforced, in line with IAEA safety guidelines, in order to withstand any attack." In addition to highlighting Israeli preparedness for strikes from the Islamic Republic, Snir also challenged the IAEA to investigate Iran's secret nuclear activities.
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(4) Moreover, a few articles show that consumers are more sensitive to price than non-price changes due to lack of appropriate knowledge about non-price parameters or cognitive costs associated with processing information about both products' prices and non-price parameters (Gourville and Koehler, 2004; Snir and Levy, 2011).
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The lack of performance improvement associated with increasing health system size may be due to monitoring and coordination challenges faced by large integrated systems, as found by McCullough and Snir (2010).
The signal-to-noise and interference ratio (SNIR) for measuring connection quality was used in a certain function to calculate the optimal mux-pkt size.
Hanan Snir, a veteran director who worked with Grossman for two years to adapt his novel to the stage, compresses but faithfully renders the novel's complex tale of love, flight, the impossibility of escape.
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