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SNITSistema Nacional de Información Territorial (Spanish, Chile)
SNITSam Needs Intensive Therapy (Stargate Atlantis)
SNITSerum Neutralization Inhibition Test
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Fagan's new adventure novel, Directed by Kaspar Snit, is the anxiously awaited sequel to the popular The Fortress of Kaspar Snit, which was highly acclaimed by Queenston School's students (aged 8 to 12), who pronounced it, "a funny, action-paced, and can't-wait-to-turn-the-page success!" Yes, the children who sighed with pleasure over the restoration of the fountains of Rome and the capture of the evil genius Kaspar Snit all knew that Solly and Eleanor Blande would eventually fly into their classrooms and library with more adventures.
Clair hadn't been sick at all, but had had some sort of snit and had stormed out of the sculpture garden just before he was scheduled to speak.
And stories about Princess Di's latest snit or the number of British tourists who've been mugged in Miami are not the focus of these papers.
At December 31, 2009, revenues of SNIT (SociEatEa Nationale ImmobiliEaA re de Tunisie) showed a remarkable drop from 50,433,678 TD by the end of 2008 to 31,051,674 TD, one year later.
The kind that people would always mention as their all-time favourites, like The Cat Came Back, The Big Snit, Neighbours, Bob's Birthday, and even slightly rarer films, as my brother's favourite, The Irises.