SNJCCSierra Nevada Job Corps Center (Reno, NV)
SNJCCSouthern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
SNJCCSouth New Jersey Credit Counseling
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The SNJCC team was also required to identify research during the workshops and then sub-teams were tasked with exploring solutions collaboratively to present at the next workshop.
* Invest in the evaluation/pre-design phase: The SNJCC project evaluated the effectiveness of systems early in the design process, avoiding ineffective evaluation at a later phase when the systems might not easily be incorporated in an integrated fashion.
* Define or retain a facilitator: For the SNJCC project, the owner's sustainability manager acted as facilitator.
* Address the "We already do Integrated Design" syndrome: In its first meeting, the SNJCC team discussed its assumptions around integrated design.
By using the ID process the SNJCC team members were engaged throughout the project.
* Model it, test it, model it: The SNJCC project included modeling tools in the early meetings and applied more aggressive modeling tools throughout the design process.
* Commit to using an integrated design process standard: The SNJCC project used the ANSI Whole Systems Integration Process (WSIP) 1.0 standard.
* Create a roadmap: The SNJCC team created and recreated a roadmap to reach sustainability goals.
* Use best practices commissioning (Cx): As part of the SNJCC sustainability goals, best practices commissioning was targeted with a Cx Agent involved in the early design meetings.
* What gets measured gets done: A measurement and verification (M&V) consultant took part in the early SNJCC ID meetings to ensure validation of the EEM's.