SNJCCSierra Nevada Job Corps Center (Reno, NV)
SNJCCSouth New Jersey Credit Counseling
SNJCCSouthern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
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The SNJCC team was also required to identify research during the workshops and then sub-teams were tasked with exploring solutions collaboratively to present at the next workshop.
Invest in the evaluation/pre-design phase: The SNJCC project evaluated the effectiveness of systems early in the design process, avoiding ineffective evaluation at a later phase when the systems might not easily be incorporated in an integrated fashion.
Define or retain a facilitator: For the SNJCC project, the owner's sustainability manager acted as facilitator.
Address the "We already do Integrated Design" syndrome: In its first meeting, the SNJCC team discussed its assumptions around integrated design.
By using the ID process the SNJCC team members were engaged throughout the project.
Model it, test it, model it: The SNJCC project included modeling tools in the early meetings and applied more aggressive modeling tools throughout the design process.
Commit to using an integrated design process standard: The SNJCC project used the ANSI Whole Systems Integration Process (WSIP) 1.
Create a roadmap: The SNJCC team created and recreated a roadmap to reach sustainability goals.
Use best practices commissioning (Cx): As part of the SNJCC sustainability goals, best practices commissioning was targeted with a Cx Agent involved in the early design meetings.