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SNKShingeki No Kyojin (Japanese manga)
SNKScience News for Kids (website)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku (Japanese: New Japan Product; video game manufacturer)
SNKStrong Name Key (.Net file extension)
SNKStudent-Neuman-Keuls (behavioral neuroscience test)
SNKSoviet Narodnykh Kommissarov (Russian: Council of People's Commissars)
SNKShin Nippon Koki Co. Ltd. (Japan)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku Corporation (Japan)
SNKShin Nippon Kucho (Japan)
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Biotechnology company NKMax America stated on Tuesday that it has dosed its first patient with plaque psoriasis under its SNK01-MX03 phase I clinical trial of SNK at Angeles Hospital,Tijuana, Mexico.
Compared to other fighting games, SNK's "Samurai Shodown" requires players to understand the lengths of their weapons and the risk of putting out their attacks.
The expression of LaminB1 in BM (Figure 2) was remarkably lower in the p14 and p21 groups than in the p0 group (SNK test, q=8.989 and 9.171, p<0.001).
"The exhibition shows the development of the world and regions, how the borders of states changed and how humans started travelling further and further, discovering all the continents one by one," said Katarina Stefanides Mazariova, spokesperson of SNK, as quoted by the TASR newswire."The map is not only a graphic art piece but also a record of other information about our ancestors.
(f) Quantitative analysis of cell apoptosis with different concentrations of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] (mean [+ or -] SD of six separate experiments, * p < 0.05 versus control, and one-way ANOVA followed by SNK post hoc test).
Parents also exhibited their artistic skills on canvas and won trophies at the event; a special performance was given by the SNK Crew and a very entertaining magic show was also presented before the excited audience.
In a review report submitted with stock exchange, the auditors-- S R Batliboi and Co LLP and SNK & Co-- said, " The unaudited standalone financial results of the company indicate that it has overdue amounts payable to vendors and lenders and has been facing liquidity issues." The auditors added that these conditions along with other matters indicate the existence of a material uncertainty that could cast a significant doubt
The collapse of Larnaca-based SNK developers (SNK Venus Homes and SNK Exclusive Properties) is following the same path as Liasides and A&G Froiber.
Power supply will remain off from 132 KV Haripur grid station on March 18 from 9 a.m to 3 P.M and resultantly the consumers of 11 KV Khan Pur, KTS-I, SNK, Shimla Project, Town-I, Baldher, T&T Colony feeders will face inconvenience.
"I also helped direct the music video and my videographer at SNK Production and I used to wake up early in the morning and go location scouting," SG said.
Episode 2: January Episode 1: December 11 29 df MS F P value MS F P value Tr 2 0.44 12.9 <0.001# 0.86 5.8 0.008# Ti 2 0.11 3.16 0.058 1.17 7.9 0.002# Pl (Tr x Ti) 27 0.03 0.86 0.664 0.15 1.0 0.537 Tr x Ti 4 0.08 2.40 0.075 0.22 1.5 0.243 Residual 72 0.04 0.16 SNK Tr: (R = O) < S Tr: (R = O) < S Ti: (L = M) > H Episode 3: March 13 MS F P value Tr 3.64 8.71 0.001# Ti 1.51 3.62 0.040# PI (Tr x Ti) 0.42 1.63 0.052 Tr x Ti 0.56 1.33 0.282 Residual 0.26 SNK Tr: (R = O) < S Ti: L > (H = M) P values in bold type indicate significance at [alpha] = 0.05.
The company has two Dubai main agents GWB and SNK, and an extended distributor's network in all big Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai.