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SNKShingeki No Kyojin (Japanese manga)
SNKScience News for Kids (website)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku (Japanese: New Japan Product; video game manufacturer)
SNKStrong Name Key (.Net file extension)
SNKStudent-Neuman-Keuls (behavioral neuroscience test)
SNKSoviet Narodnykh Kommissarov (Russian: Council of People's Commissars)
SNKShin Nippon Koki Co. Ltd. (Japan)
SNKShin Nippon Kucho (Japan)
SNKShin Nihon Kikaku Corporation (Japan)
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Besides geographical information, period scenes, locations of armies, destiny of rulers, and scenes from the Bible, together with drawings of humans, animals and plants can be seen on the map," said director of SNK Katarina Kristofova, as cited by TASR.
The enzyme combinations B and E after 15 hours produced the best results for protoplast isolation and were significantly different according to the SNK test (5%) compared to other enzyme combinations.
En los casos en los cuales se rechazo la hipotesis nula, se efectuo una prueba de comparaciones multiples a posteriori utilizando el metodo de Student-Newman Keuls o prueba SNK (Zar 1996).
The crowning jewel in the SNK stable is back with the usual three-on-three team system, with fights of up to five rounds and 20 characters to choose from.
To mark the 15th anniversary of Samurai Shodown, SNK Playmore have unleashed a feast of fighting fun on Wii, with six classic brawlers on one disc.
to inspect power lines and lost control after its blades hit one of the cables, according to SNK.
Bundling together four classic games - Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special and Fatal Fury 3: Road to The Final Victory - the compilation takes a trip back through SNK's first ongoing fighter franchise, where many of the beloved SNK characters and locations made their first appearance.
Its latest title, SNK Arcades Classics, is a brilliant one for people who wish to see where the origins of gaming began - in the coin-op machines.
The RB-200F Series 5-Axis Bridge Type Machining Center from SNK America offers efficient and accurate machining of multiple angles and 3D contours.
SAN FRANCISCO, CA: SNK Realty and MacFarlane Partners announced that Corus Bank, a subsidiary of Corus Bankshares, Inc.
For example, HITCO will use a CATIA-based model to machine these spoiler beams, allowing the company to save time and money for its customers by using the SNK five-axis machine.