SNKRSave North Korean Refugees (New York, NY)
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D Division: Heddon St Andrew's v Sea Horse; High Howdon SC v Westacres; Jolly Bowman v Westerhope Excel; Wheatsheaf v Kenton Park; Whitley Lodge Snkr v New Marlb SC.
D Division: Jolly Bowman v The Wheatsheaf; Kenton Park v Whitley Lodge Snkr; Sea Horse v New M'boro Soc; Westacres v Blacksmith Arms; Westerhope Excel v Heddon St Andrews.
D Division: Blacksmith Arms v Heddon St Andrews; High Howdon Soc v Kenton Park; New Marlboro Soc v Westerhope Excel; The Wheatsheaf v Sea Horse; Whitley Lodge Snkr v Heaton Terrace.
Harry Oxley Cup: The Wheatsheaf v Kenton Jubilee; Whitley Lodge Snkr v Wallsend Engrs.
D Division: Blacksmith Arms v New Marlb SC; High Howdon SC v Jolly Bowman; Kenton Pk v Westacres; Wheatsheaf v Heddon St Andrew's; Whitley Lodge Snkr v Westerhope Excel.
Harry Oxley Cup: Fawdon Pk v Whitley Lodge Snkr, Heddon St Andrew's v Wallsend Engrs, Kenton Jubilee v New Marlb SC, The Wheatsheaf v Kenton Park.
D Division: High Howdon SC v New Marlb SC, Jolly Bowman v Blacksmith Arms, Kenton Park v Sea Horse, Westacres v Heddon St Andrew's, Whitley Lodge Snkr v The Wheatsheaf.
D Division: Blacksmith Arms v Whitley Lodge Snkr, New Marlb SC v Westacres, Sea Horse v Jolly Bowman, Wheatsheaf v High Howdon SC, Westerhope Excel v Kenton Pk.
D Division: Blacksmith Arms v Westacres, Heddon St Andrews v Westerhope Excel, New Marlb SC v Sea Horse, Wheatsheaf v Jolly Bowman, Whitley Lodge Snkr v Kenton Park.