SNLAScottish National Liberation Army
SNLASmall Necessities Leave Act (Massachusetts)
SNLASandia National Laboratories Albuquerque
SNLASwiss National Liga A (ice hockey)
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uk newspaper, claiming the attacks were in the name of the SNLA.
MI5 has kept tabs on the SNLA since it was set up 22 years ago by former soldier Adam Busby, 56, who declared war on "mass English immigration" to Scotland.
Over the following 30 years, the SNLA has periodically grabbed the limelight, usually through the Royal Mail.
Cook became involved with the SNLA through his Scots pal Steven Robinson, 42.
The fanatics of the SNLA have previously warned English people living in Scotland are legitimate targets.
The SNLA are no longer funny, to be ignored or laughed at.
Tony Lenehan, defending, said Busby's father, a former soldier who founded the SNLA in the 1980s, was in an Irish jail awaiting proceedings "of various sorts.
Ms Philp had been targeted by the SNLA before and was helping police with an inquiry.
A TERRORISM expert told last night how he was threatened by the SNLA.
Now Irish Special Branch officers also want to question Busby, 53, who co-founded the SNLA.
Busby claims he and SNLA counterparts felt it "long overdue to carry out a spectacular against the so-called government of Scotland".
SNP leader John Swinney hit out at the SNLA terrorists yesterday, saying: "They are not nationalists, they are criminals, plain and simple.