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SNLFSpecial Naval Landing Forces (Japanese)
SNLFSociété de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française
SNLFSandinista National Liberation Front
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where k > 2; f(x; k, h, p, q) = SNLF series; x, y, z = state variables; a, b, c, d1 = coefficients with values between 0.0001 and 1.0000.
In (5) the SNLF series is scaled by [varies] to accommodate the magnitudes to the ones provided by commercially available electronic circuits.
This format to describe the SNLF is called piecewise-linear (PWL) approach, where the equivalent description for (6)is given by
Figure 1 shows the SNLF for generating two scrolls.
The SNLF can be implemented as shown in Figure 6, where the number of opamps equals the number of scrolls to be generated minus 1.
The realization of the SNLF shown in Figure 6 is performed by using commercially available operational amplifiers like the TL081.
The experimental realization of a multiscroll chaotic oscillator based on saturated nonlinear function (SNLF) series has been presented.