SNLPSymposium on Natural Language Processing
SNLPStatistical Natural Language Processing
SNLPSadie Nash Leadership Project (Brooklyn, NY)
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The SNLP people or whatever they're called, Scottish Independents, don't trust them.
Michael Beale, lead trainer with UK training company PPI Business NLP Ltd has launched a new modular Business NLP Practitioner course accredited by NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and the SNLP.
Additional features include: -- Ability to export S-parameters in Touchstone and other common formats -- A new setting for Multipole Expansion Order -- Improves convergence and accuracy for demanding AC inductance calculations -- More efficient meshing for DC inductance problems -- New Geometry Artifact Visualization -- New SNLP (Sequential Nonlinear Programming) optimizer within Optimetrics(TM) (cost option) -- Distributed Analysis (cost option) for parallel computing of electromagnetic-field solutions