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Achieving strong underwriting results is particularly important for P&C insurers in the current environment as low interest rates continue to pressure yields on investment portfolios, SNL reminds us.
"Clearly the SNLs are intended to streamline the rating and notification part of the process and help reduce the backlog of claims," he said.
"The issues we have found in SNLs lead us to question the legal validity of these ratings and whether the VBA has cut other corners within the VBMS in order to meet self-imposed deadlines for reducing the backlog," Hall said.
Two weeks later, the SNLS picked up a supernova, known as SNLS-04D2dc, in the same galaxy.
The presence of supernatant liquor (SNL), a highly saline (electrical conductivity (EC) 35 dS/m) and alkaline (pH 11.4) waste product, in the residue sand/seawater slurry may also affect gypsum dissolution.
The degree to which Ca is removed from gypsum-treated seawater by residue sand was also investigated, and the effect of highly alkaline SNL contamination on gypsum dissolution during pipelining examined.
"We know this is a Type Ia supernova because we have a high-signal-to-noise spectrum taken near the supernova's peak brightness," says SNLS team member Mark Sullivan (University of Toronto, Canada).
By acquiring high-quality data on 124 Type Ia events at various distances, the SNLS group found additional correlations between these supernovae and their host galaxies.
The SNLS findings, which agree with those of other groups, show that Type Ia supernovae are not as uniform as astronomers have thought.
Breslow's thickness remained the predictive factor of positive SNL status.
SNL status was the most significant predictor of DFS.
While Jones' involvement in the show seems like stunt casting, The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that it isn't the case, as the "SNL" actress has tweeted her admiration and support of the show since it premiered last October.