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SNMSociety of Nuclear Medicine
SNMSpecial Nuclear Material
SNMSomali National Movement
SNMSan Marcos (Guatemala, territorial division)
SNMShow No Mercy (gaming clan)
SNMService des Nouvelles des Marchés (French: New Markets Service)
SNMSocial Network Marketing
SNMStatic Noise Margin
SNMSay No More
SNMService Member
SNMStrategic Niche Management
SNMSignaling Network Management (SS7)
SNMSentinel Node Mapping
SNMSyndicat National des Musiciens (French: National Union of Musicians)
SNMSun Net Manager
SNMSociété Nautique de Marseille (French yacht club)
SNMSociété Neuchâteloise de Médecine (French: Neuchâtel Society of Medicine; Switzerland)
SNMSlave and Master
SNMSekai No Melody (multilingual singing organisation)
SNMSociété Nantaise de Manutention (French: Nantaise Handling Company; France)
SnMSeikai No Monshou (anime)
SNMStudent Nurse-Midwife
SNMSub-Network Manager
SNMSyndicato Nuevo Mexico (Spanish; gang; New Mexico)
SNMSociedad Numismatica de Mexico
SNMSubject Named Member
SNMSystem Notification Message
SNMSociety of New Music (London based new music organisation)
SNMSquare Nautical Mile
SNMSaid Named Marine
SNMSmall Noise Model
SNMSystème Nucléaire Militaire (French: Military Nuclear Systems)
SNMSuccession Network Management (Nortel)
SNMSwitching Network Manager (Ciena)
SNMSadistic and Masochistic
SNMSocial Network Management
SNMSociété Nouvelle de Métallerie (French: New Company of Metalwork)
SNMSingle Nation Model
SNMSociété Nazairienne de Mécanique (French: Nazairian Mechanical Society; France)
SNMSprint Network Manager
SNMSonorisation Nuits Magiques (French: Sound Magical Nights)
SNMSociété de Natation Messine (French: Messina Swimming Society)
SNMSchool of Nursing and Midwifery (various universities)
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In these clinical pathways, patients who have failed OMT will have three treatment pathways: (1) BonT-A injections; (2) the subsequent OMT line; and (3) SNM (contingent on a testing phase).
Visitors to Cardinal Health booth #1221 at SNM 2012 can also learn more about:
It is always great to be back at the SNM Conference hosting another informative and fun game for Astellas Pharma.
Over 2,300 contractor protective forces provide armed security for DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) at six sites that have long-term missions to store and process Category I SNM.
SNM says new developments in the field and the expanding use of new technology will keep nuclear medicine in the forefront of modern clinical medicine.
Before we started our work, not a single chick survived since local people regularly poached or jackals in the area predated all the nests on the beach," Vijay Mahabal of SNM, Velas, Ratnagiri district, told Gulf News.
Conti, past chairman of the SNM Scientific Program Committee, who presented the awardwinning image at the meeting.
made weapons, the general turned his attentions to the Somali National Movement, or SNM, which was organizing resistance to the dictatorship out of the northern city of Hargeisa, home to the Isaaq people.
For more information, please visit us at Booth #701 at SNM or visit our websites www.
Stimulation of these nerves plays a major role for SNM therapy in resolving voiding dysfunction and improving bowel function.
Le president du SNM a affirme, dans une declaration, lors d'une conference de presse en marge de la reunion du conseil national du syndicat des magistrats, qu'un arsenal legislatif a ete elabore pour lutter contre la corruption, soulignant la necessite de la conjugaison de tous les efforts, y compris ceux des medias et des citoyens pour combattre ce phenomene.
The SNM is an organization focusing on socio-economic interest of the Indian Tamils in the Gulf region and took the initiative to organize Diwali and Eid celebrations recently.