SNMCMGStanding NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Mine Countermeasures Group
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Mine countermeasures ships USS Ardent (MCM 12) and USS Scout (MCM 8), Royal Navy's Fleet auxiliary landing dock ship RFA Lyme Bay and mine countermeasures ships HMS Pembroke and HMS Middleton, all assigned to CTF 52, participated alongside French Ships Croix de Sud and Var as well as the ships of SNMCMG 2 -- Greek frigate HS Spetsai, and minehunters FGS Herten (Germany), HS Kallisto (Greece) ITS Viareggio (Italy) and ESPS Tajo (Spain).
At the conclusion of the event, a reception was held aboard Greek frigate HS Spetsai, serving as the flagship for SNMCMG 2.