SNMISWX (Swiss Exchange) New Market Index
SNMISyndicat National des Mortiers Industriels (French: National Union of Industrial Mortars)
SNMISurveillance Nationale des Maladies Infectieuses (French: National Surveillance of Infectious Disease)
SNMISyndicat National des Médecins Infectiologues (French: National Union of Infectious Disease Medicine)
SNMISociété Nouvelle de Métallisation Industries (French: New Society of Metallizing Industries)
SNMISociété Nouvelle de Montage Industriel (French: New Society of Industrial Editing)
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The index is an indicator of the current price action of the six listed companies and weighting is made on the basis of the latest prices of the shares contained in the SNMI. (The Swiss Exchange parallel publishes a price index (SNMIX) which does not take dividend payments into account.) The index will be adjusted as new companies list on the exchange.