SNMPCSimple Network Management Protocol Console
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Polo SNMPC has 150 members who are growing cassava in 300 hectares of farmlands and produce around 2.4 metric tons of cassava granules annually.
Infrastructure optimisation specialist Teneo Ltd has announced it has introduced the version 7.2 of the Castle Rock SNMPc network management software to the European market.
In addition, SNMPc now includes support for Cisco and HP devices which are automatically selected by its network discovery engine.
SNMPc offers a highly tailorable and sophisticated solution which is specifically designed to help users understand what is on the network, assess the network requirements of each application and use this information to improve the performance of specific applications.
Teneo rebuilt Azzurri's NOCs using SNMPc to allow the monitoring of multiple networks simultaneously on just one console.
"Teneo continues to manage the SNMPc for us and we are now looking at amalgamating our northern and southern NOCs into one infrastructure and centralising SNMPc monitoring with Teneo's help."
Like SNMPc, Solarwinds polls devices in the network to determine their status.