SNMPMISyndicat National des Médecins de Protection Maternelle et Infantile (French: National Union of Physicians of Maternal and Child Welfare)
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For constructing a simpler and parsimonious NMPMI (SNMPMI), use of the New orders and Supply deliveries diffusion indexes with the equal weights would suffice.
Supply chain managers and practitioners could also use an SNMPMI series, which is based solely on the two diffusion indexes, as it would be less costly and more timely with loss of little information.
Table VI CORRELATION (a) MATRIX AND DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS OF THE NMPMI, SNMPMI AND PMI Standard NMPMI SNMPMI Current PMI Old PMI Mean deviation NMPMI 1.000 0.941 0.757 0.780 53.75 3.29 SNMPMI 0.941 1.000 0.785 0.797 55.46 3.18 Current PMI 0.757 0.785 1.000 0.994 52.76 5.26 Old PMI 0.780 0.797 0.994 1.000 51.67 4.85 (a) Pearson's product-moment correlation (r).