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SNMPV2Simple Network Management Protocol, Version 2
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They support dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, FXS and FXO ports and are manageable by SNMPv2 and Web Browser.
By upgrading to the full version, users gain the added benefits of a comprehensive suite of tests for SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 compliance, tests for MIB2, RMON (the Remote Monitoring MIB), UPS MIB testing, and a Developers Guide and source code to devise their own tests.
In either mode, the NCL1135 is a fully-managed network device, compliant with SNMPv2 to ensure trouble-free integration into existing networks.
The Trap Monitor can test for TRAP-TYPE for SNMPv1 events NOTIFICATION-TYPE for SNMPv2 events, and NOTIFICATION-TYPE for SNMPv3 unauthenticated events.
A user-extensible SNMPv2 agent with callable API provides an intuitive interface for adding SNMP management to network resources.
Titled Enterprise Network Management: Understanding SNMP, SNMPv2 and RMON, the seminar series runs March 5 through June 25, 1997.
SNMPTcl is written by Marshall Rose of Dover Beach Consulting and Keith McCloghrie of Cisco Systems, two of the original authors of SNMP and SNMPv2.
Transaction security in SNMPv2 has become a point of contention in recent months," noted Marshall Rose of Dover Beach Consulting, one of the co-authors of USEC.
SNMPv2 is the most recent IETF-approved community standard which includes all the administration functionality of SNMPv1 and the new mechanisms of SNMPv2, but without security.