SNMRSyndicat National des Médecins Rhumatologues (French: National Association of Rheumatologists Doctors)
SNMRSurface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (geophysics)
SNMRStandardized Neonatal Mortality Ratio
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The phase %0d correlates with the electrical conductivity of the geomaterials, but it is not currently used for SNMR data interpretation.
The SNMR technology provides a strategy for estimating how hydrological parameters (e.g., porosity, water content, permeability, transmissivity, etc.) of the aquifer can be estimated [18, 19].
To date, multiple monitoring devices had been arranged in this typical landslide, involving GPS, borehole clinometer, SNMR, and distributed optical fiber sensor deformation monitoring, as shown in Figure 1(c).
The presented case study described the spatial variability of [K.sub.s] values of a representative accumulation reservoir landslide in TGRA, China, estimated by the SNMR survey work arranged in the landslide field.
(1) The SNMR technology provides a strategy for obtaining a series of relatively reliable spatial measurements of hydrological parameters of landslide fields using a noninvasive method.
(1) Boundary of the landslide based on the engineering geological exploration; (2) the predetermined boundary of the landslide; (3) small collapse; (4) borehole drilled by China University of Geosciences, Wuhan; (5) borehole drilled by Sanxia University; (6) exploratory trench; (7) SNMR survey points and survey line; (8) distributed optical fiber sensor deformation monitoring; (9) GPS monitoring points; (10) ground surface fissures; (11) sliding direction; (12) cross-sectional line.