SNMSSmall Network Management Solution
SNMSSputtered Neutral Mass Spectroscopy (physics)
SNMSSecondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry
SNMSSimple Network Management System
SNMSSubnetwork Management System (Lucent)
SNMSSONET Network Management System (Hekimian)
SNMSServo-Null Micropipette System
SNMSStatus Not in Maintenance State
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2) Associate Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, SNMS, Chalakka.
3) Assistant Professor, Department of Radiodiagnosis, SNMS, Chalakka.
Today, SNMS helps users reduce costs by giving them an automated way of matching data value to resource use, eliminating time-consuming routine storage management tasks, and reducing the exposure of unprotected data.
Because it is based on a fully heterogeneous file system, the storage environment created by SNMS supports multiple server platforms and operating systems, allowing applications designed for UNIX, Linux and Windows systems to share a common pool of automatically managed data.
Interoperability between Apple's Xsan and ADIC's SNMS provides a high-performance, SAN-based storage infrastructure designed to serve a wide range of businesses and industries that need to access, protect, and retain their large-scale digital assets over time.
With SNMS, users define data management policies that both place newly created data on appropriate disk types and automatically move existing data between expensive, enterprise disk systems, low-cost ATA arrays, and tape media.
The ADIC/Cray alliance will also make the entire SNMS available through Cray's sales organization, which will provide direct support for Sun Solaris, SGI IRIX, Windows, and Linux-based platforms.
We believe that SNMS is the first data management software that provides simple policies to guarantee priority bandwidth for specific applications and their primary, disk-based data," said Paul Rutherford, ADIC Vice President of Software Technology.
SNMS integrates a best-in-class SAN file system with a policy-based storage manager.
CiscoWorks SNMS is a cost-effective, Web-based network management solution for Cisco-based small to medium-sized business networks and workgroups.
In addition to the WaveStar TDM 10G, Lucent is supplying a broad range of optical networking systems for BTA's Year 2000 Expansion Project, including WaveStar ADM 16/1 optical multiplexers, WaveStar DACS 4/4/1 optical cross connect equipment and ITM-SC and SNMS network management systems.