SNNESector Northern New England (US Coast Guard)
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All known outlets selling snack foods and drinks within the six GSP SNNEs were included.
The total number of outlets within individual SNNEs is shown in Supplementary Table 1 (see Supplementary Material available online at
Healthy outlets were found to make up less than 25% of the total number of outlets in each of the 16 SNNEs. These results were similar to previous research in other areas of Australia [26].
The strengths of this study were that a variety of methods were used to describe the SNNEs. Previous studies on SNNEs have frequently focused on absolute density, which does not provide a clear picture of the mix of outlets and products available in an area.
Due to time constraints, ground-truthing was only carried out in the 6 GSP SNNEs rather than in all 16 SNNEs in the study area.
Some local governments in Europe have sought to alter SNNEs by banning sales of "junk food" near schools in Germany [50] and restricting the opening of new takeaway outlets in London [51].