SNNPSouthern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples (United Nations)
SNNPSorry No New Penpals
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In SNNP, there were slightly higher proportions of women with no education in the comparison area compared to the ESHE area.
Within SNNP, the town and peasant associations selected for this research study were located in Loka Abaya Woreda in the eastern portion of the SNNP region in the Sidama Zone.
The analysis of feeding ecology shows the importance of medium-sized mammals, mainly nine-banded armadillo, which is one of the most used species by people in the SNNP (Monroy-Vilchis et al.
Graves PM, Richards FO, Ngondi J, Emerson PM, Shargie EB, Endeshaw T, Cecato P, Ejigsemahu Y, Mosher AW, Hailemariam A, Zerihun M, Teferi T, Ayele B, Mesele A, Yohannes G, Tilahun A and T Gebre Individual, household and environmental risk factors for malaria infection in Amhara, Oromia and SNNP regions of Ethiopia.
The SNNP regional state, with forty-six ethnic groups, has fifty-four representatives.
Addis Ababa 7,233 868 12 *** Other 50,731 14,816 29 DireDawa/Harar 3,671 918 25 SNNP 10,896 2,724 25 Oromiya 20,310 6,093 30 Amhara 9,242 2,865 31 ASBG 3,274 1,048 32 Tigray 3,338 1,168 35 Region Moderate Low No.
Other Ethiopian groups from the Amhara, Oromiya and SNNP regions of have already arrived in Khartoum'' The Tigrian artists were former freedom fighters who had significant roles during the 17 year long struggle against the former Mengustu Hailemariam led Derg military rule, which was toppled in 1991.
of women treated in health facilities for abortion complications All * Miscarriage Induced abortion [dagger] [double dagger] All 57,964 5,357 52,607 Tigray 3,338 337 3,001 Amhara 9,242 759 8,483 Oromiya 20,310 1,724 18,586 SNNP 10,896 773 10,123 Addis Ababa 7,233 1,077 6,156 4 rural regions ** 3,274 520 2,754 2 urban regions [dagger][dagger] 3,671 167 3,504 Region No.
Component 3: Improving Internal Efficiency of Primary Schools in SNNP Region
In a statement, SNNP regional president, Shiferaw Shugute said that the prisoners were set free based on conditions set on Federal and regional constitution.
During the past two weeks, the out-break has continued to spread to new areas with additional 617 cases and 8 deaths reported in 35 districts of Addis Ababa, Afar, mhara, Somali, Oromiya and SNNP regions.
Meanwhile, the Ethiopian federal ministry of health reported 579 new cases of acute watery diarrhea, with 11 deaths in 29 districts (woredas) across Addis Ababa, Somali, Oromiya, Harari and SNNP Regions between 6 and 12 July 2009.