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SNOBSlightly North of Broad
SNOBSomewhat North of Boston (Concord, MA film festival)
SNOBSans Noblesse
SNOBShortest Nuke On Board
SNOBSine Nobilis (Latin)
SNOBSociety of Native Oregon Born
SNOBSouthampton Nuclear Opposition Benefit (movie White Chicks)
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But the same pen that wrote sharply and satirically about snobs, wrote loving letters in big round hand to his dear daughters, who were living far away in Paris.
It has been said that by reason of writing so much about snobs that Thackeray came to see snobbishness where there was none.
The Book of Snobs brought Thackeray into notice, and now that he was becoming well known and making more money, he once more made a home for his daughters, and they came to London to live with their father.
We are not such snobs as to think better or worse of a bee because it can claim kinship with the Hymenoptera family, nor so ill-bred as to chaff it for having large feet.
Don't be too hard on the aristocrats themselves if their heads are as weak as ours would be, and they are snobs about their own sorrows."
Were you tarred with the same brush as those canting snobs who doomed a poor old man to a living death?
It's not me being a snob. It's not me being an old woman talking to young women.
Ladbrokes: 12 Snob Wells, Anxious Moments, Joe Cullen,14 The Gatherer, Marble Arch, 16 Pittsburgh Phil, Adamant Approach, Lawz, Fruit Defendu, True Blue Victory, Camden Tanner, Royal Plaisir, Sabrinsky, Be My Case, Lord Brex, 20 Glens Music, Darapour, Native Scout, Theseus, Rathgar Beau, Blue, Dutsdale Dancer.
Meade, speaking by telephone, said: "Snob Wells has got a lot stronger since we gelded him and has really got his act together."
She hits back: "That's because you're a bit of a snob.
"There is very little between him and Snob Wells, who beat our fellow a short head at Tralee-although we meet him 3lb worse off.