SNOBBSnooty Nitwit Overcome by Beauty
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Then wheeling about again, towards a gentleman with the neck of a stork and the legs of no animal in particular, Ralph introduced him as the Honourable Mr Snobb; and a white-headed person at the table as Colonel Chowser.
'Ha, ha, ha!' laughed the honourable Mr Snobb, 'very good, very good.'
The money was produced on both sides, and the Honourable Mr Snobb was elected to the double office of stake-holder and time-keeper.
'How goes the enemy, Snobb?' asked Sir Mulberry Hawk.
For commonality purposes, the common issues of fact are how Snobb Academy did (or did not) perceive the needs of people with disabilities, including what prejudices and mutual stigmas it associated with the disability designation, as well as the effectiveness and reasonableness of the requested accommodations.
If, as in the circumstance of the sidewalk case, different class members need dissimilar accommodations to facilitate their entry into Snobb Academy, their shared exclusion should still serve to certify the class.
Returning to the Snobb Academy example presented in the previous Section, assume that Antonio forgoes pursuing a typical ADA failure to accommodate suit, of the sort that would allege that the Academy's refusal to alter the fire alarm system precluded his employment prospects.