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SNOBSSociety of Nordic Barbershop Singers
SNOBSSociety of Northeast Ohio Brewers (Cleveland, OH)
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But the same pen that wrote sharply and satirically about snobs, wrote loving letters in big round hand to his dear daughters, who were living far away in Paris.
The Book of Snobs brought Thackeray into notice, and now that he was becoming well known and making more money, he once more made a home for his daughters, and they came to London to live with their father.
The Beneficial Building, in Paradise Circus Queensway, has been largely vacant for several years including the lower level area previously occupied by Snobs.
A statement from Snobs said: "We do not condone this behaviour and if it had been reported to management on the night then we would have asked those involved to leave the premises.
Snobs, which moved to a new home in Smallbrook Queensway three years ago, currently runs a bar every day of the week.
Ask anyone and they will tell you I'm not a snob, but that's only if you ask anyone who matters.
I really am letting myself down and my snob facade is slipping.
Football snobs were the ones who claimed Esteban Cambiasso's goal against Serbia & Montenegro was the best of last year's World Cup when anyone with fully functioning eyes could see the chest and volley from Maxi Rodriguez was the real goal of the tournament.
In the second half of the year it will turn its attention to its Crisps for Snobs range with a host of super-premium lines.
So for the next six months we are stuck with these oversized snobs splashing through the mud like baby hippos.
is one of the three or four phrases Eastern snobs claim are all that are necessary to converse in Southern California.
I'd like it to be writers, snobs or not, who practise their craft in ways that can be appreciated by an ever-increasing, culturally as well as literally aware, proportion of the population, should they deserve it.