SNOCSingapore National Olympic Council
SNOCSecure Network Operations Center
SNOCSouthern Nuclear Operating Company
SNOCSecure Network Owners Committee
SNOCSingapore National Oil Company
SNOCSouthern National Omnibus Company
SNOCSenior Nurse On Call
SNOCSupernova Observation Calculator (astronomy)
SNOCSystems Network Operations Center (Gemini Communication Limited, Chennai, India)
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We are pleased to partner SNOC in an MOU to develop our sports teams and expertise together,' the NOCC Chief said.
The SNOC President Tan Chuan Jin, who is also the speaker of the Singapore Parliament, said the MOU signified opportunites present for bilateral co-operation in sports development and the progress made together as a region.
Both NOCC and SNOC will place greater emphasis on good training and development of athletes and coaches and national federations will be encouraged to make co-ordinated efforts in lifting quality of training and competition,' noted NOCC Secretary-General Vath Chamroeun, who was part of the NOCC delegation.
SNOC, in a joint venture with its partner Uniper, will organise the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) into the Port of Hamriyah in the emirate of Sharjah in the UAE and supply natural gas to the three power stations operated by SEWA.
The gas sales agreement supplying of natural gas for power generation in the emirate of Sharjah been singed in the presence of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Supreme Petroleum Council and Engineer Hatem Al Mosa Chief Executive Officer of SNOC.
Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, SPC Deputy Chairman and SNOC President, commented: "We have committed the capability of the LNG import project to provide a smooth and reliable supply of energy to further enhance power generation within the Emirate of Sharjah.
The decree stipulates the merging of Sharjah Liquefaction Gas Company, or Shalco, and the Sharjah Oil Company in one corporation called the SNOC.
What are the fundamentals of the two agreements that SNOC recently signed?
H Al Mosa: The MOU to form a joint venture between SNOC and Uniper organises for the importation of LNG into the Hamriyah Port and will supply natural gas to the three power stations operated by SEWA and to other gas users.
In August 2009, after the end of the Beijing Olympic Games, the SNOC and Abrahamian as the appellants again filed an application to the CAS in Lausanne.
As part of the newly signed agreement, SNOC will work closely with its joint venture partner Uniper and will manage the LNG import into the Port of Hamriyah to deliver natural gas to the three power generation facilities under the network of SEWA.
The JV to import the LNG between SNOC and Uniper has considerable capabilities and experience in natural gas activities to achieve the planned targets.