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SNOGSSociety of Nottingham Guides and Scouts (UK)
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As Makosi kissed Orlaith again, Anthony was left disappointed after he begged: 'Can I have a three way snog, please?
Even their cheeky slogan reads: "You are never more than five minutes away from a snog.
BUSTY Saskia and lusty Maxwell shared an intimate snog under the privacy of a duvet.
But she cheekily turns her head to give him a juicy snog right on the lips.
RUPERT Grint can't mask his disappointment that his Hogwarts snogs with Emma Watson aren't all a real deal.
Renee can claim screen snogs with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Ewan McGregor and proper snogs with George Clooney, Jim Carrey andsome rock star bloke called Mr Stripes (I think that's right).
com; KISS: Sam snogs stranger in this week's Bill; DEATH: Stranger is found slumped in the bath
She also said she felt "shocked" by texts he sent her - one read a schoolboy "wants lots of snogs and wants you to play his oboe".
And later there were snogs all round among the celebrities.
CLINCH Rosie snogs hunk outside nightclub; FURY Stape grabs Rosie and bundles her into his taxi; JEALOUS Stape in his cab