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SNOMEDSystematized Nomenclature of Human Medicine (a multiaxial nomenclature for indexing medical records)
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A variety of taxonomy-based methodologies have been developed for and utilized in SNOMED CT, the NCIt, and the GO.
The eCC format is ideal for recording most biomarker results and allows interoperability and transmission of results without reentry of data for separate sites and mapping to common terminologies including Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS) nomenclature, (26-28) SNOMED CT, and LOINC.
The implementation of SNOMED CT in NSW is virtually in its infancy and there are likely to be lessons learned for other Australian and international jurisdictions.
Healthcare organizations unaccustomed to recording in SNOMED must assess the current terminologies used for problem lists--as well as diagnoses--and how those terminologies might affect ongoing analytics and reimbursement.
"For those who have SNOMED coding in their EMR, it's easy to map from SNOMED to ICD-9 or 10--but they're the minority," Rishel says.
Osteopathic terminology for the first time has been added to the latest version of the College of American Pathologists' Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED) clinical terms.
These include the medical vocabulary SNOMED CT, a key clinical language standard needed for a national health information infrastructure, that can be downloaded free for use in the United States through HHS' National Library of Medicine.
Some examples include biomedical ontologies such as OpenGALEN (OpenGALEN, 2002) and SNOMED CT (SNOMED CT, 2003), financial, and sporting ontologies such as the soccer, baseball, or running ontologies in the DAML Ontology Library (DAML Ontology Library, 2003).
To facilitate use of state-of-the-art electronic Surveillance tools as envisioned in the NEDSS initiative, adoption of Systemized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED) (available from: URL:, LOINC, and Health Level 7 standards (a national standard for sharing clinical data, available from: URL: by clinical laboratories is essential.
Medical Dictionary The systematized nomenclature of human and veterinary medicine (SNOMED) is a classification system created for the indexing of medical records.
Some clinical departments, such as orthopedic surgery, need extensions of the ICD-9-CM methodology; some need nomenclatures to describe anatomic findings of patients, such as SNOMED III; some need unstandardized terms to describe clinical findings, such as measurements taken at cardiac catheterization; and some need data from their own idiosyncratic survey instruments that measure patient satisfaction and functional status.