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SNOMED-CTSystematised Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms (database; National Health Service; UK)
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Here, we use Chinese SNOMED-CT [25], the medical KB of Baidu Baike (, and Sogou medical dictionaries ( dict/cate/index/132?rf=dictindex) as the offline lexical resources (LRs).
SNOMED-CT, LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes), and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) were recommended for the CCR specifications to describe and code procedures.
The new or revised nursing diagnoses with defining characteristics as evidence-based assessments and related factors or risk factors as etiologies; the nursing interventions with evidence-based actions to plan and perform; and the patient outcomes with measurable indicators to evaluate patients are not going to be available through the National Library Medicine UMLS, or SNOMED-CT according to the future procedures outlined by the IHTSDO; and
En SNOMED-CT, los conceptos estan organizados en una jerarquia del tipo <<es_un(a)>> (en ingles, IS-A hierarchy), por ejemplo: <<Neumonia bacteriana>> es_una <<enfermedad del pulmon>>.
DO also maps itself to common biomedical ontology, such as MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and SNOMED-CT. The disease ontology browser provides a simple pattern matching mechanism.
Pittelkow said that hopefully, DermLex will be used as a companion to SNOMED-CT.
Compositional SNOMED-CT (where SNOMED-CT codes can be strung together, such as "estrogen receptor positive tumor" and "breast cancer") is a simpler, better and more useful solution than ICD-10.
Most recently the resolution has been updated to coincide with the recent Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITS?) use cases which support use of standardized nursing languages mapped to the systematic nomenclature of medicine--clinical terms (SNOMED-CT, 2008).
The Veterans Administration System, with its electronic medical record, and the Kaiser-Permanente system, with its SNOMED-CT (SNOMED--Clinical Terms) project, are leaders in this area.
Bodenreider, "Using the abstraction network in complement to description logics for quality assurance in biomedical terminologies - a case study in SNOMED-CT," in Proceedings Medinfo 2010, pp.