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SNOOTSyntax Nudniks of Our Time (humor)
SNOOTSprachgefühl Necessitates Our Ongoing Tendance (humor)
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While Bullock's FBI agent is a prim and proper snoot, her new partner is a foulmouthed detective who has no problem shattering the rules to make an arrest.
As Branch Rickey himself recalled in 1963: "He was direct, aggressive, the kind that stands up when he is faced with injustice and will hit you right in the snoot." So much for turning the other cheek.
It can suggest a confident snoot against white collar life, and for the class of pork eaters that lacks representation on the Blvd these days.
The original has a beefy body like a Countdown Rapala, but otherwise everything is about the same--plastic tail and single hooks snoot forward and tail back, the treble hook hanging below the center of the lure.
Various head halters are on the market today, including versions by Gentle Leader*, Haiti* and Snoot Loop*, and they work on the principle that, if you guide the dog's head, the body will follow suit.
"What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?" is a delightful versed, illustrated tale of a pigtailed girl who adopts an unusual pet only to discover when he is hungry, she doesn't know what to feed him?
Combining careful reporting with vivid narration, science writer Rebecca SNoot describes how cancerous cells growing in the cervix of a poor black tobacco farmer named Henrietta Lacks changed the face of modern medical science.
Giles Merritt, director of the Security & Defence Agenda, a think tank in Brussels, warns that this deal is "triumphalism" designed to "cock a snoot" at Moscow.
On the weekends, they sometimes got a snoot full." Reid's father occasionally went to jail for drinking and fighting, and he beat his wife.
The Dart certainly had its moments and cocked an aristocratic snoot at its in-house rival, the E-Type Jaguar, when it became the choice of some police forces as a fast pursuit car.
He had a snoot full of doe-in-estrus and he could actually see several does.