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SNOOTSyntax Nudniks of Our Time (humor)
SNOOTSprachgefühl Necessitates Our Ongoing Tendance (humor)
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In the face of fishing pressure, he found that muskies would eat small baits, while turning up their snoots at big stuff.
In the book, SNoot expertly explains the science behind the cells and their significance, but more importantly, she makes it clear that the story is not just about the cells' utility to scientists.
Since they're attached to the "snap in/out" comfort snoot, relamping and field exchange of optics can be done quickly as display changes are needed.
The clumsiness of Dillon-Malone's vernacular style is, at times, energized by distinctively un-American phrasing, as Hemingway "cock[s] a snoot at convention" (49), and is "chuffed" (59) by the attention his war medals bring him.
If Glasgow can win it, well - cue arms folding, snoot cocking, snort and dismissive sniff - I rest my case.
In the Chicago of the Roaring '20s, the era of Al Capone and bootleg gin, Big Bill Thompson won his third term as mayor on the slogan "Punch King George in the snoot.
In the poorer areas they snoot through the gutters and dodge asshole-ish children, but in many of the finer shopping districts you can see them sprawled out on the lawns, tummies full of McDonald's and Telepizza bits.
I tie snoot was silvery-white and the trunk completely free of moss -- an indication of the bitterness of the quinine in the bark which helps discourage plant predators.
I would like to point out, however, a problem in his argument for SNOOT Prescriptivism.
The giraffe mother at left wraps her tongue all the way around her youngster's snoot.
Walthamstow: (Chandler)4-6 Union Decree, 3 Im Frankie, 10 Ardera Mustang, Bubbly Kevin, Lambughini, 14 Bubbly Lord, 16 Concorde Flight, Fernabbey Sinead, 25 Cash Barney, 50 Glideaway Jewel, Snoot Plute, Suave Star, 66 Timeforadream, Miss President, Whirlwindromance, 100 Heathers Bonny, Rosden Aussie, Trust Fontaine.
And for every anti-hero, cocking a snoot at convention and suicidally shooting it up, there's a parent or a grandparent fighting to prevent the lives of innocent children being shattered before they've begun.