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SNORESouthern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts
SNORESupport Network on Renewable Energy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Sparsit, 'I cannot say that I have heard him precisely snore, and therefore must not make that statement.
"'O the blazing tropic night, when the wake's a welt of light That holds the hot sky tame, And the steady forefoot snores through the planet-powdered floors Where the scared whale flukes in flame.
We would do up the paper again, just as it was, and slip in, very elaborate and soft, and lay it on the bunk again, and let on WE didn't know about any trick, and hadn't any idea he was a-laughing at us behind them bogus snores of his'n; and we would stick by him, and the first night we was ashore we would get him drunk and search him, and get the di'monds; and DO for him, too, if it warn't too risky.
Benjamin was so excited that it was a mercy he did not awake Tommy Brock, whose snores continued solemnly in Mr.
He stood a minute watching Tommy Brock and listening attentively to the snores. They were very loud indeed, but seemed quite natural.
The snores were almost apoplectic; but the grin was not quite so big.
If that were so, the Professor seemed to think, the snores of other boys must be something too awful to be endured: but he was a cautious man, and he said nothing.
'And can you do nothing better, my pleasant friend, than fall asleep, and shake the very building with your snores?' said Mr Chester.
In which D'Artagnan makes all Speed, Porthos snores, and Aramis counsels
If your partner snores, take some comfort in the fact you're not alone.
The study's findings revealed that objectively measured snoring was found in 88 per cent; of the women (591 of 675), but only 72 per cent; reported that they snore (496 of 675).
My 55-year-old husband snores so badly that our bed vibrates.