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SNOSSyndicat National des Ostéopathes du Sport (French: National Union of Osteopathic Sports)
SNOSSyndromu Nieadekwatnych Osiagniec Szkolnych (Polish: Inadequate Educational Achievement Syndrome)
SNOSSilicon Nitride Oxide Semiconductor
SNOSSocial Network Operating System
SNOSService Network Operational System (Ericsson)
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According to Malik Naeem, the spokesperson for provincial minister Raja Muhammad Basharat, salaries of SNOs will also be released soon.
NO-mediated signaling is potentiated by various NO derivatives, such as NO radical, nitroxyl anion(NO-), peroxynitrite (ONOO-), and S-nitrosothiols (SNOs).
SNOs may play an important role in many processes ranging from signal transduction, DNA repair, host defense, and blood pressure control to ion channel regulation and neurotransmission [89].
"Ian has successfully brought together AND Group and Satcom Global and created a team with extensive technical and market knowledge valued by SNOs and customers alike, securing a strong industry reputation for the Group.
It is well established that bioactive products of NO synthases, principally NO and SNOs, regulate a diverse array of signal transduction pathways, acting mainly through the covalent modification (S-nitrosylation) of cysteine residues located at active or allosteric sites of proteins [7].
The GSICS model of building a robust intercomparison network of all sensors in space by the SNO technique is highly recommended as a means to bridge the data gaps.
Thus, it is anticipated that further investigations on the role of Trx/TrxR system in relation to biologically relevant SNOs will likely provide a novel understanding of mechanisms implicated in the impaired apoptosis of RA-FLS.
Recent evidence from the US researchers indicated that a family of nitrous oxide-carrying molecules called S-nitrosothiols (SNOs) might be necessary for nitric oxide to function throughout the body.
Now, Benjamin Gaston of the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville and his colleagues find that oxygen-poor blood produces NO-derived compounds called S-nitrosothiols, or SNOs. These compounds act within the respiratory center of a rat's brain to induce rapid breathing, the team reports in the Sept.