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SNOTStuds Not on Top (LEGO building method)
SNOTSino-Nasal Outcomes Test
SNOTSenior Naval Officer, Transport (US Navy)
SNOTSociedad Nicaraguense de Ortopedia y Traumatologia
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Which color of snot is most likely to mean that your nose has been injured?
Pre-operative NOSE and modified SNOT scoring: Student-t test and Mann-Whitney U test was used to find the level of significance.
he told me the only way I was going to get the part was if I created snot bubbles out of my nose, and I had to cry and scream.
I have been immersed in snot since the day I chose to practice pediatrics.
The fact that snot was probably not a word you encountered in medical school is a bit odd, because snot is the very substance that lubricates the wheels of general pediatric care.
rock snot," has recently been found in the Kayaderosseras Creek in Saratoga County.
However, the boy soon learns that you don't always get what you wish for - a gargantuan robot, an army of walking crocodiles and a marauding snot monster.
As a closet Manchester United supporter and obviously not sharing my suspicions that he spread snot over Carlos Tevez's neck just five minutes before, I have to say fair enough PM.
So they came up with a prototype for the Snot Spot, essentially a hands-free fleece handkerchief that goes on top of a glove or mitten.