SNOWTAMSnow Warning To Airmen
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The subject of the public contract changes are specific SW, which include:- Changing the treatment NOTAM bulletins, separate NOTAM and SNOWTAM - use internal database modification sorting messages in HTML using the saved messages in the database, you can define the criteria for the creation of HTML pages,- Priority sorting SNOWTAM reports- Priority sorting and color coding separate NOTAM messages (UFN force)- Processing bulletin future NOTAM messages to HTML files split according to defined key locations validity.
c) 3D TWR SIM - EMAN dressing system for controlling AMS3 servers, workstations and METDATA converter; simulation for system messages SNOWTAM AMS3; generating virtual date info into the script, read the script virtual date info and additions to the virtual time - complete control for monitoring / degradation-SMGCS server to LV.
- Reparse newsletters Notam, separate NOTAMs and SNOWTAMs - use internal database, edit, sort messages in HTML using messages stored in the database, you can define the criteria for creating HTML pages,