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SNPSingle-Nucleotide Polymorphism
SNPScottish National Party
SNPSecurity News Portal
SNPSodium Nitroprusside
SNPSpecial Needs Plan
SNPSupply Network Planning
SNPChina Petroleum and Chemical (NYSE)
SNPScalable Networking Pack (Microsoft)
SNPSeychelles National Party
SNPScottish Nationalist Party
SNPSlovenské Národné Povstanie (Slovak National Uprising)
SNPSyndicat national des psychologues (French)
SNPStarry Night Pro
SNPSyndicat National des Propriétaires (French: National Union of Owners)
SNPSerial Number/Password
SNPSolar Neutrino Problem
SNPSecure Network Programming
SNPSubnetwork Protocol
SNPStrategic National Stockpile
SNPSequence Number PDU (Protocol Data Unit)
SNPStrangeness Nuclear Physics
SNPSociété de Néphrologie Pédiatrique (French: Society of Pediatric Nephrology)
SNPSeries Ninety Protocol (GE Fanuc PLC protocol)
SNPShared Non-protected Pair (frequencies shared by, but not protected from other users)
SNPSupply Network Planner
SNPSudanese National Party (political group)
SNPSpecial Needs Preschool
SNPSaint Paul Island Airport (Alaska)
SNPSnap Shot Viewer
SNPSmall Nuclear Protein
SNPSpontaneous Neuropathic Pain
SNPSindicato Nacional de Policía (Spanish: National Union of Police; Spain)
SNPSkip No Pass (table rule on net card games)
SNPSuspend for Non-Payment
snpSans Numéro de Page (French: Without Page Number)
SNPSociété Nouvelle Plomberie (French: New Plumbing Company)
SNPSocial Networking Platform
SNPState Nature Preserves (Kentucky)
SNPSpay/Neuter Program (various organizations)
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Craig Bolton added: "The SNP should not do deals with Labour.
Crews on CalMac ferries in the RMT union are preparing an overtime ban from Wednesday followed by a 24-hour strike on Friday against the next wave of SNP privatisation.
But 20-year-old SNP challenger Mhairi Black said traditional Labour voters were "scunnered" and saw the Nats as the only party offering progress.
Sir John said Mr Miliband's only route to 10 Downing Street involved a pact - whether in coalition or an informal and unacknowledged partnership - with the SNP, who he warned would subject the Labour leader to "a daily dose of political blackmail" pushing him "slowly but surely.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to use any influence the SNP has following the election "responsibly and constructively", saying: "We will exercise it in the interests of people, not just in Scotland, but across the UK.
The poll found the SNP ahead in six out of Labour's seven seats in Glasgow, and with an eight-point lead over Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander in Paisley & Renfrewshire South.
The first methodology is based on allele-specific polymerase chain reaction, where a PCR product is formed only from a particular SNP form.
Following a meeting with Nationalist leader Alex Salmond, Mr Stephen said: "I made it clear to him that unless and until the SNP removes the fundamental barrier of a referendum on independence during the next four years, there can be no coalition.
2004) will greatly enhance studies to identify SNP subsets in noncoding regions with predicted function [Bejerano et al.
The July 2001 general election witnessed a two per cent fall in the SNP share, and the latest Scottish P arliament vote produced a fall of five per cent from the 1999 figure.
It can be used for genotyping, targeted SNP discovery, allele frequency analysis and gene expression analysis, and long-range haplotyping.
The kit contains a human genomic DNA sample and allele-specific primers, both pure DNA and with LNA-containing primers, directed against a SNP in the human prothrombin gene.