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SNPSingle-Nucleotide Polymorphism
SNPScottish National Party
SNPSecurity News Portal
SNPShenandoah National Park (Virginia)
SNPSodium Nitroprusside
SNPSpecial Needs Plan
SNPSan Clemente (Amtrak station code; San Clemente, CA)
SNPSerial Number and Password
SNPSnapshot File
SNPSequence Number Protection
SNPShared Non Protected Pair
SNPSupply Network Planning
SNPSocial Networking Platform
SNPChina Petroleum and Chemical (NYSE)
SNPScalable Networking Pack (Microsoft)
SNPSeychelles National Party
SNPScottish Nationalist Party
SNPState Nature Preserves (Kentucky)
SNPSidewall Neutron Porosity (energy exploration)
SNPService Not Provided
SNPSlovenské Národné Povstanie (Slovak National Uprising)
SNPSyndicat national des psychologues (French)
SNPSpay/Neuter Program (various organizations)
SNPSuburban News Publications (Columbus, OH)
SNPStarry Night Pro
SNPSyndicat National des Propriétaires (French: National Union of Owners)
SNPSerial Number/Password
SNPSolar Neutrino Problem
SNPSecure Network Programming
SNPSubnetwork Protocol
SNPStrategic National Stockpile
SNPSequence Number PDU (Protocol Data Unit)
SNPStrangeness Nuclear Physics
SNPSociété de Néphrologie Pédiatrique (French: Society of Pediatric Nephrology)
SNPSeries Ninety Protocol (GE Fanuc PLC protocol)
SNPShared Non-protected Pair (frequencies shared by, but not protected from other users)
SNPSt. Nectarios Press (Seattle, WA)
SNPSudanese National Party (political group)
SNPSupply Network Planner
SNPSpecial Needs Preschool
SNPSaint Paul Island Airport (Alaska)
SNPSnap Shot Viewer
SNPSmall Nuclear Protein
SNPSpontaneous Neuropathic Pain
SNPSkip No Pass (table rule on net card games)
SNPSindicato Nacional de Policía (Spanish: National Union of Police; Spain)
SNPSuspend for Non-Payment
SNPSans Numéro de Page (French: Without Page Number)
SNPSociété Nouvelle Plomberie (French: New Plumbing Company)
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So Labour and the Tories are fighting it out for second place while the SNP continue to be comfortably in first place.
And former health minister Andy Kerr said: "At first glance it would seem the SNP have had an effective first 100 days.
The SNP emerged from last week's Holyrood elections as the biggest single party but only just, with 47 seats to Labour's 46, the Tories' 17, the Liberal Democrats' 16, the Tories two and one independent.
A deal between the SNP and Greens is likely after Nationalists won 39 seats - eight more than in 2012 - while Labour fell to 31.
and surge have But support for the SNP soared to 76 per cent in the 16-24 age group and 67 per cent in the 25-34 age group.
Earlier First Minister Jack McConnell said he "stands ready" to step in if the SNP is unable to form a government.
SNP MPs with a vote rate below 60 per cent include Richard Arkless, Hannah Bardell, Douglas Chapman, Stewart Hosie, Angus MacNeill and Corri Wilson.
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale added: "After more than a decade in power, the SNP are presiding over a struggling economy, while schools have thousands of fewer teachers, and NHS workers are under-valued and over-stretched.
When the Tories inflicted the hated bedroom tax on the disabled, the SNP stood in their way.
Crews on CalMac ferries in the RMT union are preparing an overtime ban from Wednesday followed by a 24-hour strike on Friday against the next wave of SNP privatisation.