SNPCSoftware New Products Committee
SNPCSubstantia Nigra Pars Compacta
SNPCSatin Nickel/Polished Chrome
SNPCServiço Nacional De Protecção Civil (Portugal)
SNPCService National des Permis de Conduire (French: National Service Driving License)
SNPCShanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center (China)
SNPCScottish National Photography Centre (UK)
SNPCTin Phthalocyanine
SNPCSouthern Nevada Paddling Club
SNPCSecretariado Nacional da Pastoral da Cultura (Portugese)
SNPCScripted Non-Playable Character (video games)
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The spokesperson claimed that while most of KE's generation plants were swiftly restored the power supply from SNPC resumed by midday.
Sample cultivars which are differentiated by macroregion should be used, as appropriate, as controls to clarify the expression levels of each trait used in DHS tests (SNPC, 2017).
Some uncertainty persists regarding the actual level of public debt resulting from incomplete data on arrears, past recourse to opaque financing schemes, including commodity-backed transactions, and weak transparency on the balance sheets of state-owned enterprises, including SNPC. Based on currently available data, we project GG debt to decline to 105% of GDP in 2019 and rise again in 2020.
In another study using 6-OHDA rat model, it was shown that LID severity is highly correlated with the amount of TH (+) neuron loss in SNpc, in agreement with our study (20).
reported the presence of human leukocyte antigen D-related- (HLA-DR-) positive reactive microglia in the SNpc of patients with PD [8].
The neuropathological hallmark of PD is the ascending accumulation of a-synuclein immunoreactive Lewy bodies (LB) from SNpc and other brainstem structures to superior brain areas; however, LB deposition has been recently demonstrated in all brainstem fiber tracts and cranial nerve nuclei, including the vestibular system [20].
The main dopaminergic efferent neurons originate in the SNpc and ventral tegmental area (VTA) with projections to striatal structures, and to cortical, limbic and hypothalamic areas.
As a result of the GFS and WRF forecasts (discussed below), the leadership team at INMG and forecasters began to have meetings on 28 August to discuss the disturbance and plans for alerting the government and civil protection authorities [formally Servico Nacional de Proteccao Civil (SNPC)].
La considerable evidencia experimental sugiere que un contribuyente significativo a la perdida de neuronas dopaminergica en el encefalo en EP son las ERO, las cuales resultan del metabolismo de la dopamina, glutation bajo (GSH) y altos niveles de hierro y calcio en la SNpc (substantia nigra pars compacta).
Speaking about the ownership of the project, CM Sindh said that the project has been established through two Special Purpose Companies (SPC) - Sindh Nooriabad Power Company (SNPC) and Sindh Nooriabad Power Company Phase II (SNPC-II).
Limited (SNPC) and Sindh Nooriabad Power Company Phase II (Private)