SNPESociété Nationale de Poudres et d'Explosifs (French defense company)
SNPESenior Nurse Patient Experience
SNPESingle Nucleotide Primer Extension (gene technology)
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The Swedish defence and aerospace group Saab AB said on Thursday (22 January) that it had, together with its partners SNPE Materiaux Energetiques of France and Patria of Finland, completed the merger of their propellant and explosives operations.
(Groupe SNPE) and [[gamma]-[sup.32]P]ATP (10 Ci/L) was purchased from Nuclear Iberica S.A.
Except for the government-owned SNPE, the country's chemical sector has been completely privatized leading to increased globalization, restructuring, cost cutting and innovation.
Douglas Petrozzini of Grubb & Ellis was tenant representative; McKesson HBOC lease of 9,000 square feet at 101 College Road East in a long-term transaction, in which Steve Marusky of Weidel Commercial Realty represented the tenant; and a lease of 3,400 square feet by SNPE N.A.
The general shape of the growth-height functions observed at Tumamoc Hill resembles the one for Saguaro National Park East (SNPE) in Tucson, Arizona, generated by a curve-fitting approach (Hastings and Alcorn 1961), but differs from the one for SNPE generated by a least-squares approach (Steenbergh and Lowe 1983).
Mitsubishi Rayon purchased the stake from Structil's parent company, state-owned Groupe SNPE, it said.
Someone will contact Frank before each meeting.' (4) In a number of cartel travel reports, Royal Ordnance is named as a competitor to the cartel, but at a cartel meeting in October 1984 'Guy' (Guy Chevallier) of French manufacturer SNPE informs the meeting that 'Truman' of Royal Ordnance had promised 'market cooperation' with the cartel.
Within the French industry, Matra is developing the LICA kinematic decoy flare, while propellant manufacturer SNPE is known to be looking at flare formats that will be "three to four times" more effective than existing payloads.
The cartel's core group of thirteen companies included Europe's largest producers of military gunpowder: Nobel Chemie in Sweden, PRB in Belgium, SNPE in France, Nobel Explosives in Scotland, Muiden Chemie in Holland, Forcit and Kemira in Finland, Rio Tinto in Italy, SniaBPD in Italy, Vinnis in Switzerland and Vass A.G.
Belgian weaving machines manufacturer Picanol NV (EBR:PIC) said it had finalised the purchase of 27.52% in domestic chemicals, plastics and gelatins specialist Tessenderlo Chemie NV (EBR:TESB) from French government-run fine and speciality chemicals firm SNPE SA.
Roxel is a joint venture between MBDA and SNPE Materiaux Energetiques S.A.
The European Commission said on Friday (3 October) that it had approved a proposed joint venture of the Swedish defence and aerospace group Saab, the Finnish defence group Patria and the French state-owned explosives and chemicals company SNPE.