SNPFSyndicat National des Pédiatres Français (French: National Association of Pediatricians)
SNPFSwaziland National Provident Fund
SNPFSvenska Narkotikapolisföreningen (Swedish Narcotics Police Officers Association)
SNPFSingle Nephron Plasma Flow Rate (neurology)
SNPFState Nature Protection Fund (Lithuania)
SNPFSomali National Police Force
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30) Sclerosing nevi with pseudomelanomatous features closely resemble RN; however, aspects that distinguish SNPF from RN include the presence of atypical nests of melanocytes occupying the entire scar, rather than the upper most portion of the dermis, and the absence of prior biopsy or nonsurgical trauma.
SNPF is the occupational pension fund for notaries and junior notaries and its total assets under management is about EUR1bn.
Max Muntinga, director SNPF, said, 'We have chosen AEGON Asset Management because of its expertise in fixed income with which they have achieved excellent investment performance.