SNPFSyndicat National des Pédiatres Français (French: National Association of Pediatricians)
SNPFSwaziland National Provident Fund
SNPFSvenska Narkotikapolisföreningen (Swedish Narcotics Police Officers Association)
SNPFSingle Nephron Plasma Flow Rate (neurology)
SNPFSomali National Police Force
SNPFState Nature Protection Fund (Lithuania)
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The short neuropeptide F (sNPF), among other functions, modulates feeding, metabolism, reproduction, and stress responses in insects [147].
When researchers activated sNPF in fruit flies, the insects fell asleep almost immediately, awaking only long enough to eat before nodding off again.
When researchers returned sNPF functions to normal, the flies resumed their normal level of activity, leaving behind their couch potato ways.
SNPF is the occupational pension fund for notaries and junior notaries and its total assets under management is about EUR1bn.