SNRCUState Nuclear Regulatory Committee of the Ukraine
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The SNRCU is activated by the Information and Crisis Center, the interaction with operational and regular services of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations is being worked out, verification of communication systems with territorial authorities is carried out.
The procedure for participation of the SNRCU in training provides for the verification of its own emergency preparedness system in the conditions of the transfer of a single state civil protection system to a mode of operation in a special period.
In addition, the SNRCU provided public discussion on the possibility of continuing the operation of a nuclear installation - unit number 4 of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.
The meeting of the Board was chaired by the Deputy Head of the State Nuclear Regulatory Committee - Triplelo Ruslana Feodorovna, who, opening the meeting, noted the important role of state-owned enterprises belonging to the SNRCU sphere of management in the implementation of the SNRCU's core functions of state regulation of nuclear and radiation safety.
The SNRCU fulfills all the requirements stipulated by the legislation for extending the life of the block No.4 of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.
At this meeting, the SNRCU presented self-assessment of the requirements of regulatory legal acts of Ukraine on compliance with the reference levels of WENRA safety in the area of ??storage of radioactive waste (spent fuel) and spent nuclear fuel (spent fuel).
The SNRCU completed the state examination of nuclear and radiation safety of ZPPB materials for Unit 4 of the Zaporizhzhya NPP (with the conclusion of the state examination, see the link ) .
The interagency working group included representatives (30 people) of the SNRCU , NAMSU, Ministry of Health, three professional medical organizations, national scientific medical centers and institutes, higher educational institutions, medical institutions of state importance, expert organizations, etc.
According to the information received by the SNRCU in early August 2018 a transport container UCT-D11 was found on the outskirts of the city of Khmelnitsky (photo attached).