SNRDSector Network Rural Development, Africa (est. 1995)
SNRDSouthern Nevada Residential Design
SNRDSharjah Naturalization and Residency Department
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Nayana was ordered to leave the UAE with the SNRD saying the infant would only be allowed back after a year had expired.
Lieutenant Colonel Dr Abdullah Sahoo, director- general of the SNRD, said Shaikh Saif had ordered that a residency visa be issued on humanitarian grounds.
As same as in DF, the gap between SNRD and SNRE in the hybrid scheme is the largest, while that in jamming is smallest.
Following the publication of Nayana's story in Gulf News last week, SNRD called the mother to inform her that they were ready to help her if she submitted her bank statement which she did.
The investigators at the investigation and follow up section at SNRD said that her bank salary statement showed a transfer of Dh3,000 per month but the salary certificate slip issued by the Health Zone in Sharjah which Sheeja had submitted showed her salary was Dh4,210 monthly.
The SNRD also ordered that her daughter leave the country in a week and that she would be banned for a year.
Yesterday a senior official at the SNRD told Gulf News the law is the law.
I was then able to sponsor my baby, but when I applied for a residency visa for her at the SNRD it was rejected too.
Then I was sent to the SNRD deportation centre and finally landed up here," he said.
I went today to SNRD with the money donated by Gulf News readers in order to sponsor a carer for my daughter.
She reiterated her plea to SNRD to allow her to sponsor a carer for her ill daughter under humanitarian ground.
Officials at the SNRD were not available for comments.