SNRTSinus Node Recovery Time (time it takes heart's sinus node to recover from stress)
SNRTSpecial Needs Resource Team (US DoD)
SNRTStandardized Norm-Referenced Testing
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He went on to become SNRT's director, then general manager of the Arab Radio and Television Union, and finally an advisor at the Ministry of Culture.Rachid and her husband Abdellah Chakroun were one of the most famous couples in the Moroccan art industry.
Researchers have noted that the choice of a biomarker to assess smoking status may depend on multiple considerations (SNRT, 2002).
Kim and Lee analyzed the CSMA/CA throughput under multistation interference in composite Rayleigh and shadowing channels [6], where they used the SNRT reception model and the carrier sensing mechanism of exchanging of RTS and CTS.
De los canales estudiados, cuatro emiten en arabe (ENTV, ERTU, SNRT Al Aoula y Syria Channel), una en ingles (BBC One), una en frances (France 2), una en italiano (RAI 1) y una en espanol (TVE 1).
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 26, 2007 - (JCN Newswire) - NEC Corporation today announced that it completed the supply of 12 digital terrestrial TV transmitters, which were ordered in July, 2006, to National Company of Radio and TV Broadcasting (SNRT).
(2-7) The most relevant and recent review article suggests that further investigation of narrow QRS complex tachycardias with a regular rate currently involves 4 diagnostic categories: normal sinus tachycardia (ie, secondary cause can be identified), inappropriate sinus tachycardia (IST), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), and sinus node reentry tachycardia (SNRT).
Selon le ministre, le DG de la SNRT a deja donne sa version lors de son intervention au cours de la reunion la semaine derniere de la commission de la communication, de la culture et de l'enseignement.
She also served as head of the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) for 20 years, and was co-CEO of the state-owned radio channel SNRT.
Surtout que certains partis, comme l'Istiqlal, l'USFP et le PAM, ont emis des reserves sur la presence de Faycal Lraychi, PDG de la SNRT, et de Salim Cheikh, DG de la Soread-2M, en compagnie de Mustapha El Khalfi, ministre de la Communication.
"There is a rapprochement technically and in the means between Morocco's National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT) and the National Company of Algerian Television (ENTV), which allows us to intensify our cooperation," said the Minister in a press statement on the occasion of a visit to the headquarters of Algerian Radio and Television.
"We're seeing something quite new in Moroccan cinema," says Faical Laraichi, head of pubcaster SNRT, which has played a key role in nurturing local talent.