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SNSScuola Normale Superiore (di Pisa; Italian)
SNSSocial Networking Site
SNSStrategic National Stockpile (FEMA, US DHS)
SNSSympathetic Nervous System
SNSSpallation Neutron Source
SNSStudent Network Service
SNSSaturday Night Special
SNSSteak N' Shake (stock symbol)
SNSSlip 'n' Slide (band)
SNSSupplemental Nursing System
SNSSimple Notification Service (Amazon)
SNSServicio Nacional de Salud (National Health Service, Chile)
SNSSacral Nerve Stimulation
SNSSomatic Nervous System
SNSShaken, Not Stirred
SNSSouthern North Sea
SNSShop 'n Save (grocery chain)
SNSSupport and Subscription
SNSSatellite Navigation System
SNSShakugan No Shana (Anime)
SNSSlovenskej národnej strany (Slovak National Party, Slovakia)
SNSSymantec Network Security
SNSSecure Network Server
SNSSpecial Needs Systems (IBM)
SNSSchool Nutrition Specialist (trade credential)
SNSStatesman News Service
SNSStoke Newington School
SNSStandard Numbering System (UK)
SNSSniper Night Sight
SNSService Navigation de La Seine (French: Navigation Service of the Seine; France)
SNSScotch 'n' Soda (theatre group)
SnSSeikai No Senki (anime)
SNSSports Nautiques Sablais (French water sports club)
SNSStop n Swop (video game)
SNSSex N' Samlevnad (band)
SNSSymmetrical Number System
SNSSpace Network System
SNSSensor Network Server
SNSSpecified Numbering Scheme
SNSSchlumberger Network Solutions
SNSSpace Nursing Society
SNSSprint North Supply
SNSSpecial Needs Service
SNSSociété de Natation de Strasbourg (French: Strasbourg Swimming Society; France)
SNSSpace Nuclear Systems (US Atomic Energy Commission)
SNSSystem Network Support
SNSSoftware Network Server
SNSSupercomputing Network Subsystem
SNSSenior NAVOCEANO Scientist (US Navy)
SNSSociété Nautique de Sète (French: Sète Boating Club; France)
SNSScandinavian Neurological Society
SNSSupplementary Narrative Statement
SNSSSIS Network Simulator
SNSSite Navigation System
SNSSun Network Services
SNSService Negotiation Support (Telcordia)
SNSSwitched Network Server (Sprint)
SNSSocial Network Software
SNSSaudi Naval Support Company Limited (Saudi Arabia)
SNSSub National Strategy (Papua New Guinea and Australia)
SNSSlovenska Narodna Strana (Slovak: Slovak National Party)
SNSSkin Conductance Level
SNSSecondary National Strategy (UK)
SNSSaudi Networkers Services (Saudi Arabia)
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Specifically, we expanded the investigation of MOI to include a SNS and probed the role of perceiver intent.
Figure 1 shows the influence of heat treatment on the crystalline structure of the SnS films deposited on CdS and ZnS substrates.
SNS evidence has been instrumental in challenging credibility of personal injury plaintiffs.
7-12] Some of the health organizations and physicians started using these to improve awareness about major public health problems, to advocate for a healthier lifestyle, and to educate patients [13-20]; however, the role of SNS in health education and advocacy is still limited and does not meet the health needs of the community.
With a major increase in volumes and frequency of SNS users along with large chunk of time they spend on these sites interpersonal communication and social skills are diminishing.
Some scholars argue that excessive use of SNS can create a range of negative consequences, such as inactive involvement in real-life communities (Nyland, Marvez, & Beck, 2007), decreased academic performance (Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010), and negative consequences for romantic relationships (Phillips, 2009).
The intersection of two SNS 4 and B is a SNS D = A [intersection] S, that is defined by
Meanwhile, recent research suggests that youth experienced addictive use of SNS [17].
SNS Bank is a financial services provider engaged in banking, with a particular focus on the Dutch retail market, including small and medium-sized enterprises.
The raising of SNS Bank's BFSR to D+/ba1 with a stable outlook reflects