SNSASlovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
SNSASeronegative Spondyloarthropathy
SNSASingapore National Stroke Association (Singapore)
SNSASoutheastern Natural Sciences Academy (Augusta, GA)
SNSAStudent Network Systems Administrator
SNSASupplemental Nursing Services Agency (Minnesota)
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SNSA will continue to own and expand its turbot and sole operations as Stolt Sea Farm, although the company's main business is transportation services for bulk liquid chemicals, edible oils, acids and other specialty liquids.
Agadi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Church's Doug Pendergrast, Chief Franchise Officer, Church's New Franchisees: Shan Ali of Kansas-based SNSA Inc.
SNSA will hold a 25% share in the new company and Nutreco 75%.
Through the Marine Harvest merger, SNSA has kept the future upside potential of an exciting industry by holding a significant stake in what both SNSA and Nutreco intend to become a public company.
The Board of SNSA has decided to appoint Niels Gregers Stolt-Nielsen as the new Chairman of SSF.
With our improved capital structure, particularly after the sale of our interest in SOSA, further potential for reducing our financing costs, significant progress in dealing with SNTG's ongoing legal issues, and the pending merger of our salmon business into the world's largest aquaculture company, we believe SNSA is well positioned to invest in and grow its business.