SNSCSupreme National Security Council (Iran)
SNSCSingapore National Shippers' Council
SNSCSouthern Nevada Science Center (Las Vegas, NV)
SNSCSomali National Salvation Council
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The censorship directive says editors should praise the deal and stresses the need "to safeguard the achievements of the talks," thereby telegraphing that the SNSC will approve the agreement and doesn't want anyone tipping any apple carts.
Other reports said the amended bill still provides for a vote in the Majlis, but only after the SNSC has acted.
One of the accused of complicity in the case, former General Director of CJSC "Alfa Telecom" Andrey Silich is included in the wanted list, reported the press service of the SNSC on August 19.
He played a central role in negotiations with the EU between 2003 and 2005, before he was removed as part of the team of Hassan Rowhani, who was replaced as secretary of the SNSC by Ali Larijani after the election in 2005 of President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad.
All Iranian flights to Soleimaniyeh and Erbil as well as flights from the Iraqi Kurdistan region passing through the Iranian airspace came to a halt at the demand of Iraq's central government," SNSC Spokesman Keivan Khosravi said.
Although Rohani lost his post as SNSC secretary in 2005, he has remained on the SNSC as the Supreme Leader's representative there ever since.
The spokesman added that SNSC Secretary Saeed Jalili and Ashton would be in contact in the future.
Rowhani, still a heavyweight in Iran's ruling elite, sits on the SNSC along with Ali Larijani, who replaced him as SNSC secretary.
The SNSC secretary also emphasized that Iran will support the Iraqi government's measures," Kouchakinejad said.
When Larijani became Majlis speaker, he became an ex officio member of the SNSC and his old seat opened up.
This new team - led by Ali Larijani, who replaced Rowhani as the SNSC secretary - has taken a more assertive stance.
The leader of the Iran Freedom movement and the country's leading dissident Ibrahim Yazdi, said he expected the SNSC to accept the IAEA demands before the agency reconvened.