SNSISunbelt Network Security Inspector
SNSISenior Naval Science Instructor (various schools)
SNSIScuba Nitrox Safety International (Topsham, ME)
SNSISpay-Neuter Services of Indiana, Inc (Indianapolis, Indiana)
SNSISecret National Security Information
SNSISafe Net Secure Internet
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SNSI and Gerotto combine manufacturing expertise, market knowledge, and regional application to design and develop specific products that will help companies engaged in industrial cleaning activities to replace humans with robots to perform dangerous cleaning and digging works, in mines, refineries, industrial plants and many more confined areas where human entry is not safe.
SNSI delivers robust commercial-grade vulnerability scanning that detects a broad range of vulnerabilities in Windows platforms and systems running Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux and Mandrake Linux, SUSE Linux, Cisco routers, and HP printers.
SNSI features IP-based scanning, port and Windows service scanning, vulnerability searching and new configuration and scanning wizards.
The natural selection has given /is giving SNSI and its partners/customers the opportunity to increase sales, he says.
SNSI has, through its partnerships and service centers, set up fully equipped workshops in all industrial cities in the GCC.