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SNSL anticipates the project will be completed in late 2001.
SNSL will also design, commission and deliver the new Cisco-based Internet Protocol network using Gigabit Ethernet in readiness for a controlled migration from its existing Token Ring technology.
Peter Halls, managing director at SNSL said: "This network will support the British Airways e-business strategy whilst providing ongoing productivity gain and cost efficiencies.
RiverSoft is the first product to offer such levels of flexibility and at the same time offer such a wide coverage of network-related issues," commented Mark Wilkins, product manager at SNSL.
Some of the leading names that look to SNSL for its expertise include Ford, Coca-Cola, British Airways, Credit Suisse First Boston, Lancashire Education Authority, Liverpool City Council and The British Library.
Recognising the speed of change in the communications market, the growing complexity of IT solutions and the demand for more powerful applications, SNSL has maintained its position as a provider of highly advanced networks by constantly evaluating new technologies, products and suppliers.
Mark Wilkins, Managed Services Consultant at SNSL said, "In order to manage the network of a world-class enterprise like British Airways to the highest possible standard, 'best in class' tools are essential.
InfoVista is really proud to be selected by SNSL for managing the Quality of Service of such a high profile customer as British Airways.
We are pleased to have chosen SNSL who, with their expertise and proven use of leading edge tools, deliver a cost effective and improved service.
Partnering with firms like SNSL, one of the foremost network integrators in the business, is integral to our strategy to expand our business in major international markets," said Anil Singhal, NetScout's chairman and chief executive officer.
SNSL, a two-time winner of the Networking Industry Awards for `System Integrator of the Year' and voted `Best Systems Integrator' by the Telecommunication Users Association (TUA), offers a network support operation which is one of the best in the industry.
SNSL is a (pound)120m-plus company employing over 350 people in the UK and offers its leading-edge customers an extensive range of integrated network services for the entire lifecycle of a network.